Table Top Sonicator Bath With Shaker



Model SM 200 CHUS ( 20 liter Table Top sonicator Bath)
ENCLOSER SIZE 655 X 390 X 535 MM ( L X W X H )
TANK SIZE 455 X 300 X 150 MM ( L X W X H )
BASKET SIZE 385 X 260 X 60 MM ( L X W X H )
ENCLOSURE SS 304 With Pipe frames & ( 20 SWG THICKNESS ) with Matt Finish Panels.
TANK SS 304 (16 SWG THICKNESS) with round corners & mirror finish.
BASKET SS 304 (Adjustable rack-type basket with perforated tray).
LID SS 304 ( Hinged Type).
ULTRASONIC POWER 400 Watts (avg.) & 800 Watts ( peak)
Revolution Per Minute (RPM) 5-45 RPM
TIMER Digital Display with 0-99 min settable.
TEMP. CONTROLLER Digital temperature controller with setting range Ambient room temperature max 60°C.
PSP Pulse sweep power for uniform distribution of U/S energy
AUTO DEGASSING Preset for 5 Min.
U/S FREQUENCY 33  OR  40 kHz ± 3 Khz
TRANSDUCERS Imported make PZT type bonded at the bottom side of the tank with weld bond technique.
U/S GENERATOR Advanced latest MOSFET / IGBT based SMPS
DRAIN ½” Drain with Ball valve will be provided.
ACCESSORIES SS 304 lid, SS 304 Basket, Drain valve & User-friendly Operation manual.
SOLVENT Aqua/Solvent Based
DOCUMENTS  IQ/OQ/PQ Reports as per STD format with Test & Calibration report with Traceability report.

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