Ultrasonic Cleaners for Electronic Industries

  • Cleaning flux from the soldered printed circuit board
  • Cleaning final assembled PCB
  • Cleaning dust and solder balls from PCB

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Pharmaceutical

  • Degassing solvents and mobile phase
  • Mixing two solvents
  • Dissolving the powder in the solvents
  • Glassware cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Textile Industries

  • Cleaning Spinrates
  • Cleaning reeds for yarn looms
  • cleaning bearings.
  • Cleaning mechanical parts of textile machinery

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Automobile Industries

  • To Clean Oil / Dust/ Loose drilling / Tapping Burg
  • To Clean Oxidation from the component surface
  • To remove Grease & Foreign Contamination

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Mechanical Industries

  • Cleaning finished goods before dispatch
  • Cleaning unfinished raw materials
  • Cleaning of residual oil, loose cutting Brugh, dust, etc.
  • Cleaning up of heat treatment jobs
  • Cleaning die’s and molds
  • Cleaning different metal parts
  • Cleaning metal parts before and after a process

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Medical Industries

  • Cleaning surgical instruments
  • Cleaning laparoscopic instruments
  • Cleaning orthoscopic instruments
  • Cleaning ENT instruments
  • Cleaning ophthalmic instruments

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Hotel Industries

  • Cleaning used utensils (oil and food stains)
  • Cleaning on line dish washing

Printing Industries

  • To Clean the Printer Roller
  • To Clean Printing accessories used in the Printing Press

Food Industries

  • To Clean the Molds
  • To Clean Production accessories used in Food production
  • To Extract Oil & Fats from the Raw Material
  • For Mixing of Raw materials

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